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My Approach

How I Work


In my sessions I rely on both psychological and spiritual perspectives and tools.


The process before awakening and after awakening is very similar. Before awakening, the goal is to untangle the conditioning and beliefs you took on about your identity and about the world. After you have an experience of nonduality, the work becomes about letting go of the remainder of your conditioning and beliefs.


This whole process is like untying sandbags from a hot air balloon so that it can become lighter and lighter. When you rise above the clouds, that’s your awakening: you know what it looks like up there. But usually what happens is you come back down to earth. The goal is then to continue releasing whatever is still pulling you down into separation and unconsciousness.


To untangle the conditioning of the mind, I use different methods of inner work inspired by Internal Family Systems (IFS), solution-focused therapy, Jungian shadow work, and psychodrama. I also rely on guided meditation, Jungian active imagination, and nondual induction.


For those who are independently exploring methods of consciousness expansion that involve psychedelics or medicine work, I provide guidance, support, and integration, but do not offer or facilitate these kinds of journeys.

Who I work with


I love to work with anyone who sincerely wants to find the truth of this world and live authentically from core of their being. I work with those just starting their inner work as well as people who have been on the path for many years and are looking for intermediate or advanced guidance.


Those seeking life mastery — For those interested in living full, meaningful lives, I will help you set the foundations of a stable life: purpose, confidence, integrity, effectiveness, and love. This serves as the bedrock for living a fulfilling life and is also the prerequisite for any serious spiritual work and a stable awakening to nonduality.

Those seeking spiritual awakening — For those interested in spiritual awakening, I will help you prepare for, approach, and stabilize the state of nonduality, also known as enlightenment.

Those who've already had an awakening — Sometimes, those I work with have already had a profound experience of nonduality, whether just a moment or lasting many days and weeks. They may be searching for answers about what’s happened to them and where to go from here.


I will help you integrate and mature your initial awakening so that you are not caught in a cycle of "I've got it, I've lost it." Similarly, I help newly awakening individuals avoid some of the early traps of awakening, including spiritual superiority, the enlightened ego, meaninglessness, among others.

Those in spiritual emergency — Sometimes, the process of spiritual awakening is so intense or so rapid it can become a spiritual crisis. In times like this, you may find it difficult to function in the world and it may even feel like you’re losing your mind. I offer clear and steady guidance about how to integrate the intense psychic energies that can arise after an awakening.

Who This Work Is Not For

Those seeking to manifest worldly success. — This work is not a life improvement plan. I don’t promise you will make more money or manifest an ideal life. Your life may improve and you may find greater success, but that is not the point. The point is not to become your “best self” but to rest in the peace with who you already are.


Those seeking magical abilities. — I do not promise you will gain or experience supernatural abilities or miracles. Magical abilities, or siddhi, are traditionally considered distractions on the path and will be treated as such.


Those experiencing psychosis. — I do not work with people who are experiencing psychotic breaks or clinical mental illness. Although intense spiritual awakenings can resemble psychosis, they are not the same and require different treatments. If I suspect you are experiencing psychosis I will recommend you seek an appropriate mental health provider.


Clients and Students


I separate those I work with into clients and students.


Clients: Most people I work with are clients. For clients, the work is divided into commitments of two months (7 sessions) or three months (11 sessions). We can meet once a week or once every other week.


Students: While the client relationship is professional and based on a fee-for-service exchange, the student relationship is based on personal connection and trust, with a donation-based monetary exchange. Students are those who are interested in walking this path together. They may be interested in learning my techniques, cultivating their own, or becoming guides to others on the road to nonduality. Students work with me on an ongoing basis and the work is donation-based. I take on only a limited number of students at my own discretion.

To begin, sign up for a free consultation:

What Clients Say

If you’re searching for a way to get deeper into your own soul and seek your ultimate purpose in life, Daniel will help you unravel your thoughts with a sensitivity that makes you feel seen, valued, and comfortable making yourself vulnerable. — Annelisa L.
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