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New Orleans
Shadow Work Groups

What is Shadow Work?

In Jungian psychology, our shadow is anything we've been taught to reject, repress, or deny about ourselves. This usually includes things we do not like about ourselves, like our anger, fear, grief, shame, or inferiority. But it can also include our "golden shadow:" positive aspects of ourselves like our strength, humor, sexuality, courage, or truth-telling.

These deep seated beliefs are imbedded in us by our family, social groups, and society from infancy and are reinforced throughout our lives. They are the deep rooted beliefs that we are either not enough, too much, unlovable, or fundamentally broken.

Shadow work is about accepting parts of ourselves that we were taught are "not OK." When we do that, we are able to disrupt toxic patterns of shame or self-hatred, heal deep emotional wounds, and discover that the things we were repressing are in fact valuable gifts that we need in order to live our lives fully.

Why is Shadow Work so effective?

Just talking about something for weeks or months sometimes  gets us nowhere. That's because it's difficult to drop below our thinking mind and get to those shut-down emotional, embodied, and unconscious parts of ourselves.

Shadow work uses techniques that help us to access these deeper regions of our being and release stuck energy and emotion. By going to the core of the issue, we can release the toxic messages we took on about ourselves from the world and take in the nourishing and life-affirming energy we need.

What we used to hide or reject about ourselves may become the very thing that allows us to engage with life courageously, authentically, and fully.

What happens in a shadow work group?

There are many ways to do shadow work. The way that I (Daniel Lev Shkolnik) do shadow work groups is inspired by psychodrama, parts work, and something I call "light work."

These groups use dynamic movement as well as emotional-energetic release. Together, we create a space safe enough to express and experience intense emotions typically repressed by social etiquette but which need a way out.

To give you a better idea of what this looks like, here is one example of psychodrama techniques (one component of my shadow work groups) in action:

What are others saying?

"[Shadow work] has helped me heal past traumas and thought patterns those traumas created. [Shadow work] allowed me to have interactions with loved ones that I had strained relations with and change my perception without having to interact with that person."

- Merry-Nicole

"Daniel helped me more in a few [shadow work] sessions than a year of therapy did! Tapping into the Lover's energy and learning to forgive and love myself changed me so much. The following week tapping into my inner Warrior brought me strength as well as peace, even getting my car towed while in class didn't bother me... I feel just those two alone helped me grow and mature emotionally and spiritually, allowing my manifestations to happen quicker and easier than ever before. took these workshops to allow me to love myself and feel confident in my life to go after what I really want. A loving relationship, a healthy body and hopefully a new career. Thanks for everything!"


– Brad M.


"I’m a tactile learner. I needed a way to get out of my way. [Shadow work] with Daniel has helped me find my way … to heal … to deal … to reveal… and to sing again."


– Jen M.

How do I join?

Sign up for upcoming groups here:


(In-person groups are primarily based in New Orleans.)

For one-on-one work, schedule a consult at this link:

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