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Awakening Sessions

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What is Spiritual Awakening?

When I say "spiritual awakening" I mean awakening to non-duality.

Non-duality is the state of awareness from which we see that there are no opposites—no good or bad, beautiful or ugly, higher or lower. From this perspective we see that everything is fundamentally connected as one. Yet it is also multiple. Both multiple and one.

The transition to this state of non-dual consciousness is popularly referred to as “enlightenment.”

The Myth About Awakening

Contrary to popular belief, awakening isn't a rare one-in-a-billion event that's reserved for sages and yogis. It is much more common than people realize. 

"Enlightenment" is not something any individual attains. Rather, it is something innate within every person and thing. When we "awaken" this vast, peaceful, loving, and wise consciousness arises naturally within us and/or moves through us.

What is an Awakening Session?

An awakening session is a 90-minute 1:1 session with Daniel where the goal is to give you a “first taste” of non-dual consciousness.

This "first taste" is like seeing the blue sky appear from behind grey clouds for the first time. This may last a moment or it may last hours, days, or weeks. Regardless of how long we see it or in what way the truth is still the truth.

What happens during an awakening session?

Rather than just talking about awakening, this session is designed to give you first-hand experience of this form of consciousness.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to awakening. What each person needs in order to awaken is different. Some need an intense "cutting through" to the core of consciousness. Others need space for a gentle unfolding, like a flower blooming.

I use a growing variety of methods to create a direct experience of non-dual consciousness. Among these include direct consciousness transmission, guided non-dual meditation, bioenergetic work, and sharing awakened presence.


Do you guarantee I'll awaken?

No one can guarantee an awakening. Just like you can't pull a flower from a seed, you can't force someone to wake up. However, everyone is capable of awakening. In fact, we are all already awake, though we don't realize it. 

Even if you don't experience a recognizable awakening, you'll leave the session with a clearer understanding of what you are still holding on to. No one will leave unmoved.

Who is this for?

1) Seekers who have never experienced awakening, but sense that there is “something more”

2) Those who have had an awakening, but “lost” it, or can’t access it again.

Who is this *not* for?

Spiritual awakenings can be destabilizing experience for some.


These sessions are *not* for:

1) Anyone in the midst of psychosis or a serious mental illness.

2) Anyone with active suicidal or homicidal ideation.

3) Anyone without a stable support network of friends, family, and financial and housing stability.


Paradoxically, transcending the ego works best when we first have sufficiently stable ego-strength. Therapy, support groups, and other forms of inner work can help prepare you for a stable awakening.

Stabilizing Your Awakening

After awakening, there is often a great outpouring or tears, laughter, or both. It may come with an explosion of universal love, or an unshakable sense of relief, safety, and true freedom.


However, in the days and weeks afterwards, the ego may start to re-assert itself. There is often a period of “I’ve got it!"—“I’ve lost it” in which we swing from awakened consciousness to egoic consciousness. This a natural part of the process.


What follows is the work of stabilization in which we work to untangle the remainder of our conditioning and attachments and come to live a greater and greater percentage of the time in non-dual consciousness.


For some, the awakening session is all they need. For those who’d like to continue working with me from an initial awakening toward stable awakening, we’ll discuss what that could look like at the end of our session.

What You'll Get

  • 90 minute 1:1 awakening session with Daniel

  • Recording of your session

  • Access to my Private Email list for special discounts, offers, and events

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