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Spiritual Guidance
for a Modern Age

Stable Awakening + Jungian Inner Work

Daniel Lev Shkolnik

Yale B.A., Columbia Business School START Fellow


Daniel Lev Shkolnik is an experienced psychospiritual coach who can help you embody your true Self and become an agent of change in your life and in the life of the world.

Daniel Lev Shkolnik is an experienced psychospiritual coach who offers spiritual guidance inspired by Jungian depth psychology. He helps individuals tap into their unconscious to uncover their unique purpose, cultivate mature spiritual growth, and experience stable spiritual awakening.


As a psychospiritual guide and coach, Daniel is driven by his love for others and his desire to empower as many people as possible to access their greater Self, the limitless dynamo that resides within each of us. By tapping into our true potential, we can become beacons of light for those around us and help heal others, becoming agents of change in their lives.


Removing the layers around our heart and unlocking our capacity for absolute love can lead us to a place where we not only heal ourselves but also our world. Self-healing is the first step towards world healing.


In today's society, we are bombarded with information but starved for guidance. Daniel's unique approach to modern spirituality and psychospiritual coaching is rooted in both ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychology. By preserving their essence, he can guide your inner healing journey and help unleash your full potential with a serious and grounded approach to spirituality.


If you're looking for a psychospiritual guide and coach who can help you access your greater Self and become an agent of change in your life and the world, contact Daniel Lev Shkolnik for a free consultation:





If you’re searching for a way to get deeper into your own soul and seek your ultimate purpose in life, Daniel will help you unravel your thoughts with a sensitivity that makes you feel seen, valued, and comfortable making yourself vulnerable.


I had a rather immediate felt impact, inner and outer, from my first session with Daniel. A sharpening and refinement of my perception in my inner world, a deeper and clearer connection to my ancestors and spirit animal and strengthening of my energetic boundaries in my outer world.

The body work is uniquely powerful. . . . It’s a totally different type of frequency and feeling doing the individual work and knowing where things lie within myself, how to get to them, and how to get in and out of these states on my own.


It really works.

Tapping into the Lover's energy and learning to forgive and love myself changed me so much. The following week tapping into my inner Warrior brought me strength as well as peace, even getting my car towed while in class didn't bother me. . . . It took these workshops to allow me to love myself and feel confident in my life to go after what I really want. A loving relationship, a healthy body and hopefully a new career. Thanks for everything!



IFS Parts Work & Inner Healing

Purpose & Calling





Greg Epstein,
President of Harvard Chaplains

Daniel’s message is something that resonates with me personally. He is a brave speaker willing to speak from the heart.


Rae Karim,

Working with Daniel was a breath of fresh air.


Bob Faw,
Professional Speaker

A very deep thinker, yet lighthearted. … He gets people engaged and thinking for themselves.

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Strong, steady heart.
Slow, steady steps.


I am a healer, a leader, a teacher, and a lifelong student. My work combines Enlightenment teachings and Jungian psychology. I work to bridge the wisdom of the past with the knowledge of the present.

I carry a strong, steady heart and take slow, steady steps. I walk in the footsteps of those who went ahead in love, so that others may follow.

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