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Combining psychology and spirituality, Daniel helps people navigate the process of waking up to nonduality and feeling at peace with who they are at the center of their being.

What I believe.

I believe spirituality is a natural part of human psychology and represents the deepest parts of what it means to be human.

I will walk with you, as I have with many others, to help you find your own unique expression of sacred life. "There are many paths to the mountaintop," as the saying goes—no one "right" way to relate to the sacred. 

But what's waiting for us at the mountaintop? I believe that following any worldview to its final conclusion, including atheism, culminates in nonduality: the state of non-separation popularly known as spiritual awakening or enlightenment. While this is commonly associated with Buddhism, nonduality also appears as the deepest form of insight in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, various indigenous beliefs, and certain strands of Western philosophy, both ancient and modern.

As consciousness-expanding practices become more and more common, a greater number of people are waking up to nonduality or are interested in awakening. However, there is little coherent guidance as to what awakening really is or what happens after awakening (which can be more tumultuous than people realize). My aim is to provide straightforward wisdom for anyone seeking nonduality, or for those who have independently experienced a spiritual awakening and would like help stabilizing and maturing into this new way of being.

Ultimately, I believe the more people live from a place of nonduality, the more loving, wise, and peaceful our world will be.

How is this work different?

How is this different than spirituality? — Spiritual practices often attempt to create the byproducts of nondual awakening without the awakening itself. In our work together, you may experience ecstatic states, see visions, or cultivating seemingly magical abilities. But my true aim is to help you awaken to a wider sense of self and come to rest in the peace of our own innermost truth.

How is this different than psychology? — Psychology helps us let go of beliefs that no longer serve us and replace them with more affirming beliefs in order to be better adjusted to society. This work isn't about adjusting to society but about seeing through it. Similar to the therapeutic process, I will help you release old beliefs that no longer serve you, but instead of replacing these outdated beliefs (old answers) with new ones, I will help you remain open to the questions and stay present to the ever-changing flow of reality.

How is this different from coaching? — I got my start with coaching because I wanted to help people, but I came to realize that the process of awakening to nonduality is not a self-improvement plan. This is not about manifesting your dream life or becoming your "best self." In fact, awakening is often about letting go of our dreams of the future and coming to rest in the reality that we always-already have: staying present to the truth of who you really are at the center of your being.

Why This Matters

The deepest problems we face, both individually and globally, cannot be solved by systemic changes alone. Creating a new lifestyle for yourself or a new social system without changing the underlying consciousness that created the old one will simply reproduce the same results. For us to be in the world in a new way, either as a person or as a species, requires that we cultivate a new form of consciousness. In my work, I have walked with many people as they let go of their old way of being and emerged into the freedom of a new life. The more people who are free in this way, the closer we may come to a tipping point of emerging global consciousness.



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What Clients Say

If you’re searching for a way to get deeper into your own soul and seek your ultimate purpose in life, Daniel will help you unravel your thoughts with a sensitivity that makes you feel seen, valued, and comfortable making yourself vulnerable. — Annelisa L.

Greg Epstein,
President of Harvard Chaplains

Daniel’s message is something that resonates with me personally. He is a brave speaker willing to speak from the heart.


Rae Karim,

Working with Daniel was a breath of much needed fresh air. He helped me articulate who I am and what I have to offer the world. I don't say that lightly. I mean the world.


Bob Faw,
Professional Speaker

A very deep thinker, yet lighthearted. … He gets people engaged and thinking for themselves.

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