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Every great journey starts with a single step.

Personal transformation and spiritual growth require courage and investment.

I work with people who can give a solid Yes to the calling of their soul.

I guide a select number of committed individuals through a process of deep inner work and outer transformation in order to:

— Forge a powerful and authentic spiritual practice

— Confront your shadows and heal your deepest wounds

— Live from your true core and connect to the heart of life

I work 1:1 with people through 7 session commitments during which we will meet weekly. Each session will geared toward your needs and will often involve deep inner work on the level of the subconscious to get to the core of the issue and create foundational shifts in your life.

Please note: This is not therapy. If you have clinical mental health conditions I recommend you work alongside a trusted therapist.

If money is a barrier, please schedule a consult anyway and let me know your circumstances. Scholarships are available.

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