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The 3 stages of spiritual life in a modern age:

* Spots are limited! Please only book a call if you are ready to invest in your personal healing and growth and to open both heart and mind to a new way of being.

What to expect on our first call:

  • A chance to get to know me and explain what you’re hoping to shift in your life

  • I’ll outline the process of parts work and lead you on a brief journey into your inner world so you can get a taste of how I work

  • We’ll talk about what it might look like to work together.

What people say about working with Daniel

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Meet Daniel

Daniel is a spiritual coach, writer, and speaker. His life's mission is to combine non-dual and mystical teachings with contemporary psychology to help people live deeply meaningful and loving lives in the modern world.

After studying sociology at Yale University, Daniel became interested in secular mystical experience and moved to New Orleans to explore modern ritual and ceremonial practices. He now studies spiritual emergence and non-ordinary states of consciousness as part of Loyola University's counseling program.

As a coach, he combines somatic parts work, meditation, psychodrama, and non-dual techniques to help people heal deep wounds in their unconscious and open their hearts to the fundamental Oneness of reality.

He enjoys leading meditation circles in New Orleans and finds great joy speaking about spiritual awakening and non-dual teachings on his YouTube channel and at spiritual gatherings.

Copyright Daniel Lev Shkolnik 2023. All rights reserved.

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