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What are you here to do?

What is the gift you came to deliver to this world?

What is your purpose?


What is your calling?

Many people struggle to find a point to their lives.

They jump from one passion to the next, unable to pick one.

Or they live with a nagging sense that there's something great they should be doing with their lives.

Our calling is our life's purpose—it is what gives our life direction. It is the north star by which we navigate our lives.

But most people look for this purpose in the wrong places.

Purpose vs. Passion

"Follow your passion." — In our society, this is the #1 plan for finding purpose in life.

However, passion doesn't necessarily lead to purpose.

Most people try to follow their passions, and as a result, flit from one passion to the next. Never finding a grounded sense of purpose to serve as the bedrock for their life.

And while we can be purposeful about many things in our lives, our calling is the core purpose that guides our lives.

Why is our calling "sacred?"

Our calling is not about what we like to do, or even want to do, it's about what we must do. It's about fulfilling the roles our soul requires of us.

By sacred I mean "of deepest importance." And by soul I mean "the core of our being."

When we are fulfilling our calling, our soul uses our ego like our ego uses a hammer. 

When we dedicate ourselves to our calling, our lives become simpler and we make progress faster.

That "stuckness" disappears, and we move quickly and naturally in the direction we're meant to go. 

We easily enter into a state of flow.

Work feels like play.

We are able to deliver our unique gift to the world, and this gives us limitless joy.

And as we deliver our gift—our greatest joy and genius—we heal those around us.

And as we heal others, we also heal ourselves.

How do you find your calling?

We can find our calling by accident. Many people do. But there is a faster way.

I have developed a series of processes that help you dive deep into your core and uncover what your soul is asking of you.

This process works quickly, but it requires courage and vulnerability.

We will identify the three-part core that makes up your calling:

  • The core wound

  • The sacred gift

  • The great service

I use guided meditation to help people descend into their subconscious and discover these three elements. They are unique for every individual and they form the foundation of that person's calling. 

When you align yourself with your calling, you tap into a source of endless purpose and profound meaning.

You'll begin to move through life with strength, grace, and ease.

At the end of your work day, you'll feel a deep seated contentment.

You will build a life you're proud of. 

And when you look in the mirror, you'll feel proud of the person you've become.

What others are saying

Working with Daniel was a breath of much needed fresh air. He helped me articulate who I am and what I have to offer the world. I don't say that lightly. I mean the world. As a result I have a daily mantra that empowers me not just with my business venture but in life that will always lead me to and through the right direction.


— Rae K.

I’ve had many coaches throughout life, and Daniel is one of the great ones. He gets you to imagine what goals and changes are possible in your life, teaches you the tools and techniques needed for the journey, and helps you to work through any emotional obstacles impeding your progress. Daniel’s coaching sessions will be truly valuable for anyone ready to do the difficult work of personal growth.


— Janet M.

Daniel is an incredibly thoughtful person with a real gift for guiding others on their own personal voyages. I loved the way he used metaphor and guided meditation to help us visualize things we might not have fully understood until he placed them in that context. If you’re searching for a way to get deeper into your own soul and seek your ultimate purpose in life, Daniel will help you unravel your thoughts with a sensitivity that makes you feel seen, valued, and comfortable making yourself vulnerable.


— Annelisa L.

Daniel finds joy in my breakthroughs and easily adjusts his methodologies to support me in better understanding and controlling my feelings. His coaching is informed by psychology, wisdom, and care, and his constant state of learning translates to a thoughtful and evolving practice.


— Philip M.

With Daniel, I was able to experience first hand, and as specifically applied to my life, all of the wisdom Daniel has garnered through his years of work on what brings meaning to life. Daniel’s ability to connect the dots on big picture issues and point at blind spots, when needed, has been nothing short of invaluable to me.


— Katherine W.

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