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How do you balance your mind?

Does it feel like you have endless arguments with yourself in your head?

Do you constantly feel conflicted? Do you doubt your decisions?

Do you get angry at yourself in your mind when you mess up?

Our inner world, just like our outer society, is fragmented. Even outwardly successful and a competent member of society, but on the inside there is strife and war.

Breath and meditation are valuable, first steps to quiet the mind. But I believe they don't address the root of the issue: 

The angry, wounded, fearful parts of our psyche fighting for control.

Unify Your Inner Parts

The nature of the human mind is to divide itself into "parts."

Within us we have our inner child. We have our warrior and our sovereign. We have unseen "protectors" and young, wounded parts that—if we don' address—act out in unexpected and uncontrolled ways.

Carl Jung called these inner parts of our psyche "archetypes."

The modern theory of Internal Family Systems (IFS) developed by Richard Schwartz simply calls them "parts." 

To unify our mind, we need to identify these well-intentioned but over-active and extreme parts of ourselves, reassure them and assuage their fears, and make peace with the.

Only then can our Self — our true essence — come to the center of our inner system and lead our lives from a place of curiosity, compassion, and courage.

How do you do "parts work"?

There are several ways to work with parts.

The modalities I work with are:

  • The Inner Kingdom

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Shadow Work

  • Mytho-Poetic Parts Work

There isn't a single right way to divide the psyche. Different modalities make more sense for different people.

The goal of all these methods of working is the same:

To make us whole.

By speaking to, embodying, and unifying our parts, we can create a deep inner balance that cannot be shaken.

What is Inner Strength?

Inner strength cannot be faked. It must be earned.

Trying to make ourselves emotionally "tough" makes us brittle or rigid.


Trying to become "powerful" actually implies our weakness.

True inner strength arises from deep inner balance.

What does this feel like?

When someone attacks or criticizes you, you are able respond from a solid place of love.

At each important crossroads in your life's journey, you are steady and clear about what you must do—then do it.


You are able to draw on all parts of yourself—your strength, your wisdom, your love, your judgement—to meet any challenge and move confidently forward into life.

You no longer pretend to be someone you're not. Your words, actions, and beliefs are in perfect alignment with our core.

You are rooted like an ancient tree, balanced and strong.

When we lead from our core — our Self — we become strong-hearted agents of change, moving through the world with easy, flowing strides. 

This is the power of inner balance.

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