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Take pride in your work.

Go to sleep happy.

Discover Your Calling


I help big-hearted entrepreneurs find their calling so they can use their gifts to serve the world and make money doing it.


On average, you’ll spend 90,000 hours of your life at work—more than 10 years of your life. (And that’s just the average.)


Don’t lose a decade of your life doing work you don’t love and aren’t proud of.


When we love what we do, we perform at a higher level, get ahead faster, and ultimately earn more.


Most importantly, we can go home with deep satisfaction knowing we’re playing at the highest level possible while using our talents to change society for the better.



Don’t just survive from week to week.


Look in the mirror each morning and find fierce commitment in your eyes.


Open your bank account and feel pride at how you earned that money.


Go to bed each night with a smile on your face.


Find what brings you alive — then go do it for the rest of your life.



What's the truth about coaching?


Do you need a coach to succeed? I’ll be straight with you. — No.


You can certainly achieve success on your own.


But, a coach will supercharge your career.


Instead of spending years piecing it together on your own (a grueling and time consuming process) you can hire a coach who knows the game and make rapid progress saving you years of failure and lost profits.


Some people think a coach needs to have more experience in their specific field to be valuable. But that’s a misunderstanding of what coaches do. You go to advisors for career-specific advice; you go to a coach for career strategy.


Michael Jordan, one of the best players of all time, had a coach. Not because his coach was a better player than he was, but because his coach coach could see his blindspots, understand the bigger picture, help him play coherently with his team, and supercharge his performance.


Clients often ask me:


“What if I don’t know what I’m passionate about?”


“What I love doesn’t make any money.”


“I used to be passionate about my work. How do I get my fire back?”


Learn how to break through any of these obstacles and become world-class at what you do.


I will help you leverage your gifts, elevate your game, and learn to monetize what you love most.


Schedule a 45-minute Discovery Session for $97.


At the end of our time together you will:


1 ) Discover exactly why you feel stuck in your career.


2 ) Walk away with a clear action plan to break your holding patterns and start working toward your calling.

Schedule a session now: 

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