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Burnt out?

There's hope.

If left unaddressed, burnout can lead to a major breakdown.

Excessive and prolonged stress can come from:

- Intense job

- Draining relationships

- Financial stress

- Relentless school load

- Caretaking of children or aging parents

Early symptoms are Red Flags

  • Feeling helpless, trapped, defeated

  • Constant exhaustion & procrastination

  • Sense of failure or self-doubt

  • Loneliness & isolation

  • Using food and drugs to cope


Stress can be healthy when managed properly. But when you reach burnout, something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Healthy Stress:

  • Engaged & focused

  • Emotionally resilient

  • Competent & in control

  • Optimistic

  • Tired but motivated

  • Enjoying life's challenges

  • Energized about the future


  • Disengaged

  • Emotions blunted

  • Sense of failure

  • Helpless, hopeless

  • No energy, No motivation

  • Detachment, depression

  • Life doesn't seem worth living

Consequences of Burnout

Burnout can have long-lasting health and lifestyle consequences.

  • career and financial damage

  • long-lasting emotional damage

  • chronic avoidance and reduced resilience

  • loss of, or damage to, relationships

  • anxiety disorders

  • depression

  • lowered immunity, more frequent illness

  • headaches, changes in appetite, worsened sleep

  • increased risk of alcoholism, over-eating, drug-use (as coping mechanism)



A short vacation isn't enough.

Most techniques to address burnout focus on the symptoms, not the causes.

Relaxation techniques—if used alone—are like using duct tape to patch a sinking ship.

Without treating the root, burnout will recur in cycles, increasing the risk of a major breakdown.

The root causes of burnout, however, is not the workload or stressors themselves.

The real source of the issue are invisible beliefs that keep us trapped in self-destructive patterns.


Some of these patterns include:


Believing productivity is the basis of human value.


Entrapment in childhood expectations installed by parents or culture


Using work to escape or drown-out unaddressed emotional pain.


Over-commitment to gain validation.


Chronic neglect of physical, mental, emotional needs—sometimes not even being able to recognize what signals our body is sending us.


Conflict avoidance, which leads to poor boundary-setting and -keeping, or the inability to ask for what we need at work or at home.


People-pleasing or always placing others first.

Filling up our schedules so we are too busy or exhausted to pursue what is most important to us (and thus, what we are most afraid to do).

These are just a few of the patterns that can lead to chronic burnout.

Permanently treating burnout requires a two pronged approach:


1) Restorative lifestyle changes for immediate relief

2) A shift in the beliefs that produce self-destructive patterns for long-term health

To get you the bone-deep healing you need, I will help you develop:

- Healing recovery methods

- Anxiety relief you can feel

- Optimism and hope
- Healthy resilience

- Sustainable productivity

You will learn how to:

- Root out self-destructive patterns and belief
- Avoid Burnout Traps

- Set boundaries that actually work

- Turn fear into flow for "clean-burning" productivity

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