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Areas of Expertise:

  • IFS / Parts work

  • Jungian psychology

  • Psychodrama & Bioenergetic work


  • Stabilizing Spiritual awakenings

  • Breathwork

  • Deity Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Non-dual state practices


Love & Relationships:

  • Self-Love

  • Secure Romantic Relationships

  • Abandonment / Engulfment

  • Love and Kindness practice

  • Heart-Centered communication


  • Father wound

  • Mother wound

  • Inter-generational trauma / Ancestral burdens

  • Inner child work

  • Pre-birth / rebirth healing

  • Self-parenting


Shadow Work:


  • Shadow integration

  • Clearing Shadow Projections

  • Golden-Shadow Projections

  • Anger management and release

  • Shame and guilt




  • Life purpose and calling

  • Grief

  • Fear of death

  • Death as teacher

My Story

Our modern society is powerful, but it fails to feed our deeper needs.

We need a new way forward.

My life's purpose is to forge a serious path for modern spirituality, one that preserves the heart of ancient wisdom traditions and grounds them in the 21st century.


My goal is to empower as many people as I can reach to access their greater Self—the limitless dynamo at our core.


When we do, we serve as a beacon of light for those around us. Our very presence helps heal others, and through our words and actions we become agents of change in the lives of those we touch.


True strength arises from true love.


World healing begins with self-healing.


When we remove all the shells around our heart and unlock our capacity for absolute love, we gain the power to heal not only ourselves but also our world.

Spiritual Background

My search for a modern spiritual path began as a teenager.

In the cemetery by my house, I experienced a series of overwhelming and powerful encounters that shook me to my core.

Raised in an atheistic Jewish household, I had no framework to understand these experiences. Years later, after reading William James's Variety of Religious Experience, I recognized these early experiences as mystical states of consciousness—profound encounters with the heart of life.

I dedicated my life to understanding and helping others access similar states, first through art and writing, then through nature-based rituals, and now teaching and one-on-one guidance.

For the last five years, I've given talks, workshops, classes, and private sessions about how to cultivate a serious spiritual path in a modern age.

My work is an expression of love for humanity and all sentient beings. I am deeply honored do this work.


I am grateful for each day of my journey and humbled to follow in the footsteps of those great teachers who walked this earth in love.

Get to know me better:

You can watch my YouTube videos where I talk about the ideas and insights that are close to my heart.

You can read my writing here.


Find upcoming workshops and events I'm hosting here.

You can join my private email list to hear directly from me about my personal world and special offers and discounts.

If you love Instagram, follow me @daniellevshkolnik or find me on Linked-In.

If you're ready to invest in transformational inner growth and would like to work 1:1 with me, schedule a free 15 min consult or book your first session now.

more about daniel


Daniel Lev Shkolnik is an experienced psychospiritual coach who offers spiritual guidance inspired by Jungian depth psychology. He helps individuals tap into their unconscious to uncover their unique purpose, cultivate mature spiritual growth, and experience stable spiritual awakening. 


Daniel is the co-founder of Wisdom Circle, an emerging network of spiritual support groups, and The Open Div Project, which explores open-source spirituality. He was a Glean Spiritual Entrepreneurship Fellow in partnership with Columbia Business School and graduated from Yale University with a degree in sociology. He lives in New Orleans, LA and offers workshops and talks on Jungian inner work and how to cultivate a serious form of spirituality for a modern age.

His workshops, talks, and rituals center on our common humanity and are accessible to all beliefs.


Harvard Humanist Community

Event Speaker 

columbia logo_edited.png

Columbia Business School Start Fellow

MBA-level certificate in Spiritual Entrepreneurship

open div square_edited.png

Open Div Summit

70+ thought leaders
on the future of

sacred design lab_edited.png

Community Innovators Gathering - 2019

Presenter, Participant

yale logo.png

Yale University
Class of 2015

B.A. Sociology


Rae K. —

Janet M. —

Annelisa L. —

Working with Daniel was a breath of much needed fresh air. He helped me articulate who I am and what I have to offer the world. I don't say that lightly. I mean the world. As a result I have a daily mantra that empowers me not just with my business venture but in life that will always lead me to and through the right direction. 

I’ve had many coaches throughout life, and Daniel is one of the great ones. He gets you to imagine what goals and changes are possible in your life, teaches you the tools and techniques needed for the journey, and helps you to work through any emotional obstacles impeding your progress. Daniel’s coaching sessions will be truly valuable for anyone ready to do the difficult work of personal growth.

Daniel is an incredibly thoughtful person with a real gift for guiding others on their own personal voyages. I loved the way he used metaphor and guided meditation to help us visualize things we might not have fully understood until he placed them in that context. If you’re searching for a way to get deeper into your own soul and seek your ultimate purpose in life, Daniel will help you unravel your thoughts with a sensitivity that makes you feel seen, valued, and comfortable making yourself vulnerable.

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